Welcome to the Ontario Organic Roadshow 2014 Edition!

We are proud to be part of Canada’s new “Think Before You Eat” Campaign. Organic remains the best choice to reduce exposure to pesticides and GMOs. Products sporting the Canada Organic Logo have met or exceeded rigourous standards and are third-party inspected annually. Great tasting, fresh organic fare from Ontario`s best companies!

Our Roadshow will support producers and retailers to share the good news of organics, including helping people find foods that are both Local AND Organic- better together.

In addition to samples and information on pioneers and innovators, OCO will bring the latest information and insights on organics with our 10 minute power presentations throughout the Roadshow. And look for the first in our Think Before You Eat video series “Think Animal Welfare”. To┬ábe a part of the Roadshow as a host or a sponsor, please contact event coordinator Jennifer Berman Diaz

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