Regenerative Programs and Incentives Feasibility Study

In the fall of 2019 the Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the Regenerative Programs and Incentives Feasibility Study, which will evaluate regenerative certification and verification programs in the Ontario context.

Project Goals

The study aims to:

  1. Determine if there is a market for regenerative certification programs in Ontario.
  2. Identify potential benefits and barriers for small and large scale producers to obtain regenerative certification/verification.
  3. Explore incentives that encourage producers to adopt more regenerative agriculture practices.

The project’s goals will be achieved through research, expert interviews, focus groups, surveys, webinars, and virtual farm tours concluding with a final report providing recommendations regarding programs and incentives for regenerative practices in Ontario.

Some of the programs that OCO will evaluate include the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) by the Regenerative Organic Alliance and Rodale Institute, the Ecological Outcomes Verification (EOV) by the Savory Institute and Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) by the Carbon Underground.

Additionally, OCO will explore tools and funding that are currently available through various organizations that incentivize producers to implement regenerative practices.

Additional Resources

The Regenerative Programs and Incentives Feasibility Study was made possible by funding from